Adam Brody Net Worth?

adam brody's net worth

You must have seen Jennifer’s body and might release the goth character which the actor Adam Brody played, his fan-following is very much increased since then, and over the years fans have complied some series of questions for him that they want to ask, one of them is what is the amount that the actor Adam Brody earns.

Well, you have come to the right place; this article will provide you with detailed information regarding the net worth the actor Adam has, how much he earns, who is Adam’s girlfriend and all the major controversies that the actor has put through.

But before starting this article, many of you may not know much about Adam Brody, he is an American actor best known for his character Seth Cohen on the teen drama series The O.C. which aired from 2003 to 2007, although he has had major iconic appearances within some hit films also such as Jennifer’s Body, his fan following is hugely insane, and most girls are the ones who are dying for his cute appearance.

Let us take a look at this article to get some greater insights about Adam Brody.

adam brody's net worth
Adam Brody’s, Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

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What is Adam Brody’s Net Worth?

Adam Brody is a talented actor, but considering the talk regarding his net worth, he has proved in the industry what a professional and talented world looks like. Thus, Adam Brody net worth is $16 million, which is pretty great, focusing on the years of work and dedication that the actor has put through his work as an actor. From television series to films that the actor has showcased her acting skills within, he has proved with his work the kind of talent that Adam inhibits within.

Also, apart from being an actor, he is a musician and drummer for the band Big Japan which was active from 2007 to 2010; thus, he has also performed with other musical groups, including The Shortcoats and The Providers. Thus overall, it can be said that Adam is regarded as a very talented and versatile actor with also a unique ability to bring humor and depth to his performance. Thus he continues to work on different new and creative projects to strengthen and grow his fan base.

adam brody's net worth
Adam Brody and Leighton Meester, Credits: Variety

Who is Adam Brody’s Girlfriend? Explained

Adam Brody’s girlfriend and now wife is Leighton Meester. She is now the wife of the actor and the best news in their relationship is that they have been married for a very long time now. They married in 2014, and till now, they are very close, evolving and growing with one another also have kids together.

Usually, it is not common in Hollywood, where a couple can be seen for this much longer period, relationships in Hollywood are very quick and short, but considering Adam’s and Leighton’s relationship, it looks like they are growing and glowing day by day while living with each other.

Since they both have been with one another, it can’t be ignored that they have shared some ex’s in the past, but ultimately they stick with one another and are still growing stronger daily.

Adam Brody’s Major Controversies Explained

Adam Brody is a versatile actor, but he has had his fair share of controversies that the actor faced intensely. Eventually, in 2014, Brody was arrested for DUI when he was seen driving under the influence in California.

He was at that time pulled over by the police, who arrested him for driving under the influence and was thus released on bail. But he pleaded no contest to the charge and was sentenced to three years of probation.

Not only that he was under scrutiny for a much longer time when he commented on the Mee Too Movement, he thus expressed concerns that the movement might lead to a witch hunt and therefore stated that there should be very important to find a balance between addressing sexual harassment.

He was under major scrutiny for these comments, which sparked greater anger among his fans with the statement that he gave at that time with the movement.  And also, the fact that he secretly married his wife Leighton in 2014, that upset his fans very much, as they were sad not to hear anything from the actor since both the actors kept their relationship completely private and didn’t even disclose their marriage to the public.

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