Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun: Suzuki Iruma (Credits: Bandai Namco Pictures)

Welcome to Demon School is a three-seasoned anime with more to offer and is not finished with its story yet. Though the most recent third season just finished airing this March of 2023. There is a total of 65 episodes compiling all three seasons.

This can be watched on Netflix and Crunchyroll and is officially distributed on Youtube by MuseAsia; they have their channels according to regions, so you can search it accordingly. The fantasy anime exposes how the Demon world can be kind and civilized.

The 14-year-old Iruma-kun is selected to be the grandson of one of the strongest demons in the demon world and made to hide the fact, or else he might be targeted by many. He had been unfortunate to have the worst parents who made him work to earn money despite being underage, but this changed when Sullivan took him in, and how wonderful his life changed altogether.

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The Characters

Asmodeus Alice: He is the deuteragonist of this show. He was initially introduced as this arrogant student who deemed himself the strongest but lost to Iruma kun and decided to become his loyal servant. When defeated, he shed his egotistical side and became a happy person. He still acts competitively against some characters like Sabnock Sabro.

Suzuki Iruma: He is a 14-year-old kid who had been unfortunate to have such irresponsible parents, and they sold him to the demon Sullivan who showed him what caring looks like. Now living in the demon world and going to a demon school, he has to hide the fact that he is a human from the overworld. He is so kind-hearted and humble that everyone comes around to become friends with him.

Valac Clara: Clara is one of the strangers as she is always like this carefree, excited kid who finds it hard to befriend anyone. People took advantage of her by using her to get snacks as payment for her giving a bit of their time.

She is a kind and childish girl who knows how everyone thinks about her as an annoyance. She was befriended by Iruma and Alice but by real friends, not for payment of snacks, and she became very happy finding real friends for the first time.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun: Iruma
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun: Iruma, Clara, and Alice (Credits: Bandai Namco Pictures)

Lord Sullivan: He is a demon lord from the underworld. He has deemed himself as the grandfather of Iruma but bought him from his birth parents in the overworld. He is also the principal of the Babyls Demon School, where Iruma studies, and a candidate to become the next Demon King. His playful character, while being a father-like figure who cares about Iruma, makes the character very wholesome to look forward to.

Azazel Ameri: She is the Student Council’s President at Babyls Demon School. She is a tsundere and Dandere mixes characters who simp for Iruma. She is very cute despite her acting cold and strong all the time in front of others. She does not abuse her powers as the Student Council President but tries to keep the school in order with authority provided to her.

The Plot

Suzuki Iruma is a fourteen-year-old whose parents mistreated him into working to earn money for them. Lord Sullivan was looking for a successor for his family and saw Iruma as a potential kid. He bought him from his parents and adopted him.

Sullivan then took Iruma to the Demon World and told him what had transpired. Sullivan also explained to Iruma how he has to now live a life as a demon in the Demon world and not reveal to anyone that he is a demon.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun: Iruma is taken by Lord Sullivan to Netherworld (Credits: Bandai Namco Pictures)

During the first season, Iruma has many adventures, from fighting for his life to saving someone else’s. He battles with his classmates for a rank advancement test while beating many of them, the only reason for this being the Ring of Gluttony gifted to him by his dear grandfather Lord Sullivan. The Ring of Gluttony can eat huge amounts of magic and release its absorbed magic.

Lord Sullivan having huge amounts of magic, feeds the Ring of Gluttony from time to let Iruma perform small magic spells so that the students do not think he has no magic potency. During these adventures, he enslaves one of his teachers, his familiar, while meeting the Student Council President and helping her read the Babyls Academy’s forbidden books, which are just plain rom-com manga.

Finally, when Iruma feels like everything is going well for him, him having lots of friends, lots of adventures, and memories are just when his misfortune comes back to hit him. Iruma is introduced to one of his upper-level students, Kiriwo, who seems weak and timid and works to change through chemicals and science. But Kiriwo later reveals his tragic backstory and explains why he goes on a rampage but is still defeated by Iruma eventually.

This was just season 1 but season 2 has much more in store for us as more plots are revealed and more adventures better than the previous ones. Iruma becomes part of the Student Council temporarily but does an amazing job.

Meanwhile, Ameri is hit by one of her enemies with a spell that no one knows how to reverse, as it turns Ameri into an unconfident and weak-willed girl. Still, she is supported by her loyal Student Council members, who help find the cure to the spell.

Then we see a Demon Cycle, where all demons show mood swings and burst out as they are often short-tempered during this time. During this time, Iruma becomes so cool that all love the show, and also, in the show, he brings his class together to change their classroom to the Royal One, the classroom of the previous Demon King.

We also get to see a special water park-themed action-packed adventure date between Ameri and Iruma. Iruma also visits Clara’s house in the forest, which reveals why she has always been such an oddball. Overall, the series is filled with many adventures and wholesome events that can not be missed out on as they are so fun to watch.

The Review

There are only praises to say about this anime as it shows a pleasant to the Demon World that we usually think awfully about. It shows how different they can be but at the same time civilized too. The series shows how kind-hearted demons can be. It focuses on the enjoyable part of demon kids just having fun and adventures and slowly building up memories and friendships with time.

The parts where the arrogant characters like Sabnack or Alice come and get defeated by the main character and then learn their place gives a soothing feeling for some reason.

Also, the adventures while enjoying teenage life with the rest of the kids are new. We also get to see different types of species and fauna of the demon world and how carefully they are designed to make everything else beautiful with them.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun: Demon King and Young Sullivan (Credits: Bandai Namco Pictures)

A couple of mysteries are not being solved, which is bothersome, like the disappearance of the Demon King and all the kingdom not falling into chaos while not appointing a new temporary king when they have good candidates for the post of kingship. Also, the three candidates selected only exist because of their rank of the Tet, but how come no other demon has attained the rank of Tet?

Also, this other thing that bothers me a lot but seems cute simultaneously is the love stories being constructed between the characters. Everyone seems to like Iruma, so the main girls, like Ameri and Clara, start developing feelings for him as they spend more time with him slowly. But the characters’ vibes do not match much, and the love story does not continue, so it is harder to perceive the romances with imagination.

The series is a very good watch with lovely animation that does justice to it. The storyline also gives pleasant vibes along with a tinge of comedy. The series is a good time pass watch that is wholesome at the same time and does not get boring at any point in time. Some of the fight scenes are also beautifully animated, but the series overall is alluring, and you can not stop watching it unless it gets over.

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